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He could turn from jokey to serious on a sixpence, blindsiding his enemies in the process. His dissatisfaction with the scripts saw him turn down a fourth year in the role, however. However, the problem with this is that the smell of peppermint oil and cedar oil rises up and does not stay down to ground level. However, the show’s change of style under Chris Chibnall hasn’t gone down well with everyone, meanwhile, Whittaker has struggled to be centre stage in her own show, with three companions sharing her stories, including the ever-charismatic Bradley Walsh. The tabloid rumours for the role at the time for the role included TV magician Paul Daniels, so Christopher was a real coup — as well as a blessed relief to fans! Capaldi’s penultimate story is a dark and thrilling two-parter as we face the true horror of the Cybermen, as well as two versions of the Master. A fantastically spooky story with a great villain and some real moments for Whittaker to shine, including a speech where she asserts her place as head of the Tardis crew.

This is story tops many Doctor Who fan’s list of all-time favourites. Meanwhile, some of the stories from Moffatt’s vivid imagination veered from what many considered to be Doctor Who. Eccleston only starred in one series, and fans would love to see more — but despite Moffatt’s best efforts, Eccleston couldn’t be tempted back for the 50th anniversary. RELATED: Ants, crickets and spiders — Oh my! In fact, it was not done in town back then either. His love for Rose Tyler gripped the nation, then tore its heart out when the two were separated forever (well, not forever, but we didn’t know that at the time!). Gordon Ramsay appeared to be in good spirits as he enjoyed a family dinner out with his wife Tana and two of their children on Thursday. From the moment Smith’s Doctor popped his head out of the crashed Tardis to greet a young Amelia Pond, he was just perfect.

Be sure to check out Social Cues’ weekly roundup called T.GIF. Between Monday and Wednesday afternoon, it looked like Kanye had lost nearly 8 million followers, according to social listening tool CrowdTangle. … Rats will eat and enjoy cheese, like they enjoy other food types, but it’s not they favorite food by any means. … Some websites swear that it is effective at repelling rats. However, cheap durags rats are a special case and don’t seem to be bothered by the scent of cat or mongoose urine. However, we were strangers to European folklore about witches. However, Whittaker still has another series and some specials upcoming, so she still has a good chance to impress us. Hartnell was the original, Tennant was a sensation, and Whittaker broke the mould. The peak of the new series, we saw Doctor Who fly towards the top of the ratings as Tennant piloted the Tardis to new heights.

A grand finale of Tennant’s third series, and a reunion of previous friends and companion, this is a big, bold blockbuster with a big, bold Doctor at its heart. Pertwee’s Doctor was much more an action man than those before, wave cap with an uppity manner that saw him giving a good telling off to both his enemies and his friends. Roof rats, also called black rats, are smaller and sleeker than Norway rats and have much longer tails. Sadly much of this missing from the archive, but reconstructions let us see this epic 12-part tale, where the Doctor must use all his wits to save the universe from the Daleks. Her bright, lively, quizzical Doctor has boundless enthusiasm for the universe she’s exploring. To the point that these days it’s sometimes not clear where The Doctor stops and Tom Baker begins. The plot is thin, but as a fish-out-of-water bromance comedy it’s great fun, with some sterling backup from rising stars of the time James Corden and Daisy Haggard. Share Viewers are riveted by its intricate links to the original but it’s Russell Lewis’s mind-boggling array of references to other books, films and TV shows that have also helped it acquire a cult following.