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Northern water snakes enjoy basking in the sun on branches just above the water. Balsam fir branches – lay these down because these rodents hate the scent. Mechanical traps can sometimes take a few days to trap rats because the rodents may be wary of the trap. The elders would recommend a few scents that they say can repel rats and deter them from infesting our homes. Q8. Can the rats attack you? Again, this method works indoors and outdoors so that you can easily smear some of this minty paste anywhere you please to keep the mice at bay! Keep your shed well sealed, keep your grass short, trim your bushes, do not leave trash or compost outside and easily accessed by rats. Swap the compost heap into a sealed container instead of leaving it open. This product is actually most commonly used to relieve pain from toothaches, so removing the headache that is a rodent problem is just an added benefit! It doesn’t roll out tech until the company feels it’s ready, but I think people would swallow the notch more if it added functionality. The memes are funny, but I don’t hate the notch on the new MacBook Pro.

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It’s just odd that a piece of hardware that stares at you in the face can’t look at you with an IR camera to unlock the MacBook Pro. Apple announced the new MacBook Pro yesterday. 2021 MacBook Pro 16 vs. While I agree that at first glance the notch on the MacBook Pro looks silly, it doesn’t really eat up space that you’d otherwise have. Inside, the laptop will run powerful processors that some Windows users are envious of, but on the outside, the MacBook Pro has a notch that’s drawn criticism and jokes. Dubbed ‘We are Responsible for Viral Content,’ the document noted that users noted what content they wanted to see, but the company ignored such requests for ‘business reasons,’ CBS News reported. Anna Stepanov, Facebook’s head of app integrity, told CBS News the rankings powering the News Feed evolve based on new data from direct user surveys. However, North American users only comprise 10% of the social network’s daily active users, according to a document describing Facebook’s allocation of resources.

Facebook’s issues in India reveal that the platform causes even more potential damage in countries where it has less resources and insufficient expertise in local languages to gauge what constitutes hate speech or misinformation. Hate speech against marginalized groups, including Muslims, is on the rise in India and globally,’ Stone said. All the material was fed to the dummy profiles through recommended groups, pages, videos and posts. Comments on posts, messages in Groups, and RSVPs to public events granted the content 15 points and any that included photos, videos or links were awarded 30 points. For example, in 2018, the ‘Like’ button gave a post one point and reaction buttons – ‘Love,’ ‘Care,’ ‘Haha,’ ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry – gave a post five points. Resharing a post also gave it five points. One post circulating in the groups she joined depicted a beheading of a Pakistani national and dead bodies wrapped in white sheets on the ground. They live in social groups. Social media has followed the wild race for the White House every step of the way, from Donald Trump defending the size of his hands to Hillary Clinton’s “delete your account” tweet.

Rats are secretive, and you might never know that your house has rats when their population is low. Norway rats, for example, like to be on the bottom level and are typically found in basements and garages. I remember a time when I was a little boy when I was babysat by somebody, I had to watch this mess as well as pretend to like it even though I didn’t like it. Scientists have warned us that most repellents have short-term effects and your problem might not be solved for a very long time. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel in Massachusetts in 1904, published more than 60 books during his lifetime, including some of the most popular children’s books of all time. Moving the menu bar up means you have more room for your apps. When navigating around the desktop on macOS or using apps that aren’t in fullscreen mode, the operating system has a menu bar at the top of the screen.

Windows 11 and macOS are also different enough that a notch can work better on one than the other. You can also soak cotton balls in diluted bleach and place them around your house to repel rats. I’ll have to break out a caliper to measure notches, but the Dell XPS 13 and Razer Book 13 have incredibly thin bezels that house cameras. Our Richard Devine highlights that many laptops running Windows fit cameras that support facial recognition into bezels that are skinny. Many of the best Windows laptops manage to have thin bezels and cameras without requiring a notch. Of course, the best Windows laptops don’t run macOS (duh). That’s a key distinction, as macOS handles the top of its display differently. While I hope that Windows laptops remain notchless, I think the notch works fine on macOS. If they ran macOS, some of these laptops would gain a bit in the display department. It’s a bit like if a camera notch sat in an unused part of the Windows Taskbar.